A recent study: High Fat Ketogenic Diet Enhances Gut Microbiota in Healing Epilepsy recognizing that an imbalanced gut microbiota is present in individuals suffering from neurological consequences including childhood epilepsy.  The childrens’ microbiome was measured prior to the onset of the ketogenic diet and post the implementation of the diet.  These children were compared to healthy controls.  As a result:

  1.  Cronobacter, a pathogen, that can lead to meningitis and seizures was present prior to the diet versus the healthy group.
  2. Bacteroides increased significantly following the implementation of the diet.  Bacteroides are effective at regulating the immune system and supports digestion of high fat foods.
  3. Bifidobacterium and Revotella also increased significantly.  This bacterium and short-chain fatty acid supports healthy neurotransmitters.

Researchers concluded:

GM [gut microbiota] pattern in healthy infants differed dramatically from that of the epileptic group. KD [ketogenic diet] could significantly modify symptoms of epilepsy and reshape the GM of epileptic infants.

I am confident that the ketogenic diet for my son was helpful in supporting his gut microbiome.  His seizures remained while on the diet, but it was evident he showed signs of having a gut infection.  The limited sugars (very low carbohydrates as well) would help starve infections and restore gut microbiome.

Bringing much light,