“No more seizures!” “Along with Lynn’s thoroughness and knowledge of the subject matter, I appreciate her willingness to not be an authority, but rather a guide. I found it really helpful to have the responsibility for health rest with me and know that Lynn was there as my advocate.”- Soibian

(Improvements?) “No seizures!” (Lynn is) Very knowledgeable and kind”. – J. Burgsma

“Less seizures”.  “Highly recommend Lynn’s services for anyone who is suffering from epilepsy.” -D.Hitchcock

“I’ve enjoyed working with Lynn so far and hope to see continued improvement as we move forward”- T. Harper

“…I wanted to thank you for everything. It has now been 4 months since my last seizure and I am feeling very good!  Again I can not thank you enough and I really hope I can stay seizure free because of you! ” -Kyra

“My son started having seizures at 11 and after trying 3 different meds I had to do something different. I changed him to eating paleo in hopes of stopping his seizures. He was doing pretty well but I knew there was still a piece missing. I found Lynn and did the initial consultation and felt she could help us. We got started and did the testing. She came up with a plan for him to help to further heal him. It has been so nice to have the support from Lynn that we didn’t get from his neurologist. She is there to answer any questions I have and to cheer you on when it seems like no one else is. It has been so helpful to not have to figure it out all on my own.”- Erin

“As your Nutrition for Seizures popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I was drawn to it to see what this was all about! I looked around your website, listened to webinars and saw you offered a 30 minute free consult.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so that is when I contacted you.

Our stories are all to similar and you have become such and invaluable resource for our family.  You have helped our family transform to a therapeutic diet to help our daughter with seizures.  Your knowledge is way beyond what I could have ever researched or learned on my own.  We appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions, no matter how small at a moment’s notice.  I think what sets you apart from other practitioners is your genuine concern for every detail of our lives!

Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom for us and being our cheerleader as an advocate for healing in our family! Blessings- Christy”

“My son´s health was declining non-stop. He has seizures as a baby but then had a normal life until age eleven. At that point seizures returned and antiepileptic drugs were added in all sort of combinations, up to four different medications at a time. Every change in medication meant a change in the type of seizures he experienced. After living a nightmare for four years, my son is now fifteen, I heard about Lynn and her integrative approach. We learnt that with AEDs we are treating the symptoms but not the root cause. Lynn is helping us to correct unwanted unbalances and restore health to its best. Although full of doubts about this approach at the beginning, I now feel very grateful to Lynn and really appreciate all the work she is doing identifying and addressing any healing opportunity and pointing us in the right direction.” – Carmen

“Since I visited Lynn the first time I have no longer had a seizure. Over the past 5 to 6 years I had been having at least one to two seizure every six months. The treatment from Lynn was great! She listened to me and worked on my terms, with her methods to get the results we needed. Its not just just the friendly visits that make the difference though, one also has to take the advice and treatment seriously and actually do what is suggested. Help will only get us so far, there comes a point where we have to take our health into our own hands. So, thanks to Lynn and thanks to myself, I have not had a seizure in over a year and a half!”- Cameron

“Excellent new ebook!!” Keith

“Thank you Lynne for the recommendations. My son Tamayo is now 2 1/2 months free of seizures! He was struggling with seizures every three days for months. Praying for continued success” Jeannette

“Last March was a difficult time. My body had gotten extremely worn out from the long term antibiotic use needed for healing from Lyme disease combined with the stress of running a busy hotel in a ski resort community during the holidays. So much so that my husband needed to assist me with walking. Lynn to the rescue. I had been trying to get myself on a gluten and dairy free diet to decrease inflammation but I felt so restricted with my food choices that it just wasn’t happening. Through her kindness, loving support, and awesome knowledge she helped discover how to heal my leaky gut, find new foods to finally commit to being gluten and dairy free, and learn a bag full of new tools to detox and cleanse. I’m still in the process of healing from Lyme as it is quite the journey but my body has now gained the strength to continue fighting. Thank you Lynn!”

“For a few years I was not sleeping at night and dealing with server hot flashes and trying to deal with all of this on my own,I was so focused on my thyroid but was getting no where,  I was told about Lynn so I set up an appointment and went to see her and we did some hormone testing, and found I was very fatigue with my adrenals and other hormones, I stopped everything I was doing,  Lynn  is very experienced and knowledgable, She put me on herbs and vitamins and my life began to change and I am sleeping and feeling so much better, I am excited because I am on the road to recovery. Thank you Lynn” – Patricia

“Not only does Lynn have extensive knowledge, her passions and her heart are invested in Advocate for Healing.  Her faith and hope in our abilities to heal has been my biggest encouragement and I would recommend to anyone her balanced approach on health” – Tathiana

“I went to Lynn at Advocates for Healing for help with hormonal problems.  The mainstream medical system told me I needed to just deal with the symptoms – difficulty falling and staying asleep, hot flashes and mood imbalance.  Lynn changed my life.  With coaching from Lynn I was able to naturally get my body back in balance.  I feel like myself again.  Thank you Lynn!’ – Annie

“Lynn always has a positive outlook and helps you see your healing potential.” – Karin

“I will be eternally grateful to Lynn Alteri-Need for helping my 16 year old daughter S. to regain her health…” -Tracy,”

…With your experience and the proper tests you requested we were able to address the areas of concern which not only help me feel better but stop the way I had been feeling for so long…”- Wendi

“…my (weight) fluctuation has drastically decreased”…”Now I stay at a solid 115, but lost a lot of ‘bloat’ and have had more energy and motivation to work out even more”

“…my energy level has been very balanced. My digestive system has become balanced, my stomach is flatter than it has been for quite some time, I am satisfied after eating a complete meal, I sleep soundly.”

“She [Lynn] is very informative and has helped me to understand and the best ways to address health and wellness options for our family.”

“I lost about 20lbs without really trying, which was a big bonus, and I’ve kept it off by going back and forth between eating as I should and having “treats”.

“Wow, what a difference! After 2+ years of nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, and frustration with specialists telling me ‘It’s probably just a virus’, I finally had some answers! Lynn at Advocate for Healing was able to find and address the underlying causes to my symptoms. She explained everything thoroughly in language that I understood, which was not only helpful, but so validating. After just a couple of months of mild diet adjustment, vitamin and hormone supplements, I feel like a completely different person. The difference in my energy level is amazing! Every symptom that plagued me has been dramatically reduced, if not eliminated entirely. I am so grateful to Lynn; her knowledge, expertise, and kindness have given me my life and my health back!

Thanks again,

“I will be eternally grateful to Lynn Alteri-Need for helping my 16 year old daughter S. to regain her health. After many years of suffering from frequent stomach and body aches, nausea and vomiting, and alopecia an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, she is in recovery and healing from the years of abuse to her system caused by Gluten. After several years of doctor visits, extensive tests, and lab work with specialists, who by the way were unable to clearly identify the cause of her symptoms and labeled her sickness as Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Abdominal Migraines, and prescribed medications that made her sleep 20 hours a day, I would try anything to help her quality of life. I had heard about a Nutritionist in town who could possibly help my daughter through an alternative approach based on diet and body system analysis. From our first meeting Lynn was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work. It was exciting! As she explained the process so we could understand and recommended a course of action to identify the cause of my daughter’s symptoms, which were an elimination diet and several specialized labs, I finally had some hope that she could heal from this terrible cycle of pain and exhaustion! We started with an elimination diet and quickly found out it was Gluten, so simple you would think but unfortunately my daughters diet consisted of almost all Gluten and she was a picky eater so it was not easy to get her on board at first. After finally starting to eliminate Gluten and a regime of supplements she was feeling less sick and more energized! She is on her way to healing and it will be a process but it’s working and we will be forever grateful to Lynn for sharing her knowledge with us! ”
S. is finally free to enjoy her teenage life!
Tracy ”


“I would like to thank you for your knowledge and support with my health. As you know I was diagnosed with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome in 2006. I had been feeling sick for about 3 + years post a traumatic surgery and very sick for the past year not knowing specifically why. With your experience and the proper tests you requested we were able to address the areas of concern which not only help me feel better but stop the way I had been feeling for so long. After seeing the lab results in front of me I had a sense of validation that allowed me to make changes in my diet and add the proper supplements for my individual needs. Now I am able to address my families needs and help prevent my children from dealing with similar issue in the future. My whole family thanks you again for your expertise in this area. Very truly yours, Wendi Goodwin “

“Lynn helped identify several food allergies that had apparently been present for a long time. She also tested me for heavy metal toxins that ate present in our environment. We identified them and took precautions against them. I highly recommend her.”- Michael Lee