Screenshot (4)At least 30% of the population that experiences seizures do not respond to medications or alternative practices. I know, my son was one of them. He responded to the functional approach to health and I’m confident you can too.

My mission is to offer help for seizures: diet, nutrition and biochemical interventions to promote healing in adults or children so that they can live more fully functional lives.

Many of my clients come to me experiencing seizures, of all types, and want them to stop. The problem is, no one has taken the time to identify their underlying nutritional deficiencies, how the detoxification pathways are performing, the health of the digestive system (referred to as their second brain) or to investigate potential underlying infections and food sensitivities which are often issues too. I do all of that test and leave no stone unturned. That’s why many of my clients quickly start to feel a lot better with improved energy which is often depleted, not to mention an immediate reduction or even elimination of seizures.

Be sure to read my Ebooks, join me in live webinars and join the Nutrition for Seizures Facebook community.  Other resources that are available to you are recorded webinars that are loaded with information on how to identify healing opportunities.  I also offer a 30 minute free consult and look forward to meeting you.


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“Detoxification: when supported can reduce seizures and symptoms”

Join me onTuesday, April 25th at 2:00PST, as we discuss:
1. Detoxification: it’s so much more than just a cleanse
2. Certain detoxification pathways can become impaired
3. How to test for impaired detoxification pathways and support.
This is a FREE Webinar but requires that you register for attendance.   Please note: I will be recording this webinar and will post it for a period of time.


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Recipes for all variations of “diet”.

Trying to come up with delicious tasting food recipes that aren’t costly nor time consuming requires a lot of effort.  For all of you that I work with, time and energy is limited.  Thanks to one of my favorite mentors, Julie Matthews, she has offered 12 recipes... read more

Could this be a reason why the ketogenic diet doesn’t work?

CAUTION:  the information below suggests that the ketogenic diet may show greater efficacy (effectiveness) without medications.  PLEASE DO NOT reduce/remove medications without the support of your primary care physician or neurologist.  Reducing/removing medications... read more

The ketogenic diet does help improve gut health

A recent study: High Fat Ketogenic Diet Enhances Gut Microbiota in Healing Epilepsy recognizing that an imbalanced gut microbiota is present in individuals suffering from neurological consequences including childhood epilepsy.  The childrens’ microbiome was... read more

Why supplementing with this amino acid is dangerous.

Tyrosine is an amino acid and like all amino acids it is derived from protein.  It is naturally occurring, derived from L-phenylalanine (if the conversion is healthy) and is noted for  improving mood, increasing energy levels and enhancing mental and physical... read more

Fish oil decreases seizures.

A recent double-blind placebo study titled “Fish Oil Intake and Seizure Control in Children with Medically Resistant Epilepsy” demonstrated fish oil intake can reduce the number of seizures in children. Using a population base of 70 children, half were... read more

How to strengthen brain connections.

Our neurons and nerve endings are surrounded by fatty tissue.  This fatty insulating tissue, referred to as myelin sheath,  offers protection for the connection with nerves, strengthens cognitive function and optimizes brain health.  Regeneration naturally occurs in... read more

(Have you seen improvements?) “Less seizures.  Highly recommend Lynn’s services for anyone who is suffering from epilepsy.” – D. Hitchcock

“No more seizures!” “Along with Lynn’s thoroughness and knowledge of the subject matter, I appreciate her willingness to not be an authority, but rather a guide. I found it really helpful to have the responsibility for health rest with me and know that Lynn was there as my advocate.”- Soibian

…I wanted to thank you for everything. It has now been 4 months since my last seizure and I am feeling very good!
Again I can not thank you enough and I really hope I can stay seizure free because of you!


My son started having seizures at 11 and after trying 3 different meds I had to do something different. I changed him to eating paleo in hopes of stopping his seizures. He was doing pretty well but I knew there was still a piece missing. I found Lynn and did the initial consultation and felt she could help us. We got started and did the testing. She came up with a plan for him to help to further heal him. It has been so nice to have the support from Lynn that we didn’t get from his neurologist. She is there to answer any questions I have and to cheer you on when it seems like no one else is. It has been so helpful to not have to figure it out all on my own


My son´s health was declining non-stop. He has seizures as a baby but then had a normal life until age eleven. At that point seizures returned and antiepileptic drugs were added in all sort of combinations, up to four different medications at a time. Every change in medication meant a change in the type of seizures he experienced. After living a nightmare for four years, my son is now fifteen, I heard about Lynn and her integrative approach. We learnt that with AEDs we are treating the symptoms but not the root cause. Lynn is helping us to correct unwanted unbalances and restore health to its best. Although full of doubts about this approach at the beginning, I now feel very grateful to Lynn and really appreciate all the work she is doing identifying and addressing any healing opportunity and pointing us in the right direction.


“Since I visited Lynn the first time I have no longer had a seizure. Over the past 5 to 6 years I had been having at least one to two seizure every six months. The treatment from Lynn was great! She listened to me and worked on my terms, with her methods to get the results we needed…”


“Thank you Lynne for the recommendations. My son is now 2 1/2 months free of seizures! He was struggling with seizures every three days for months. Praying for continued success”


“I will be eternally grateful to Lynn Alteri-Need for helping my 16 year old daughter S. to regain her health…”


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Julie Matthews is a wonderful mentor and colleague. And she has extended 12 recipes that are fast to make and meet all sorts of dietary restrictions: SCD, Failsafe/Feingold, Low Salicylate, Low Oxalate, GAPs, GF/CF and more. You'll find them all here and for free.
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I love receiving feedback from my past and present clients. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

1. (Improvements?) “No seizures!” (Lynn is) 'Very knowledgeable and kind”. – mother

2. (Improvements?) "No seizures" - mother

3. “Less seizures”. “Highly recommend Lynn’s services for anyone who is suffering from epilepsy.” -mother

4. “I’ve enjoyed working with Lynn so far and hope to see continued improvement as we move forward”- adult

5."…I wanted to thank you for everything. It has now been 4 months since my last seizure and I am feeling very good! Again I can not thank you enough and I really hope I can stay seizure free because of you! ” - adult.

Much light,
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“It’s better to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right.”

I love this quote! When my son was experiencing multiple seizures per day, I would hear phrases (from who I would consider close friends) "at least you can say you tried something". It was these phrases that made me fight harder, dig deeper and explore resolve for him.

It's exhausting and relentless, when physically coping with seizure disorders. The mental anguish, frustration and feelings of hopelessness (at times) were worse for me!. I remained an optimist and I encourage you to do the same while surrounding yourself with those that support you and turning off (the News, Family members, etc) that don't know how to support you.

Thinking of each and every one of you. Lynn
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“Just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your help – we learned a great deal and appreciate your advice and encouragement.”

Dave and Deb