I love thanksgiving!  We join with our friends and family (framily) to celebrate how thankful we are to be touched by each and every one of them in such unique ways.

Thanksgiving also involves delicious foods, those that all of us enjoy consuming.  Some of our framily members are gluten free, dairy free and even grain free.  It’s not just my family anymore (which can be comforting). There was a time when my son and I were the only exceptions to the general diet.

The two items that he and I would struggle with are alternatives to pastry and stuffing.  Pastry for pie bases, special cookies, and a delicious stuffing that was was gluten free, dairy free, and higher in fats and low to no natural sugars.  These recipes are sure winners for all of you that may need even low oxalates and low grains as well.



I’m also thankful for this community at Nutrition for Seizures and for your support thus far.

Much light,