Cytokines are inflammatory messengers that can cause oxidative stress, damaging neurons and create brain inflammation.  It’s an area that I often look at supporting with my clients.

This is an excellent study titled “Effects of a nutritional supplement on the immune response and cytokine production in free-living Chilean elderly“.In this study the researchers explored two groups of people: half of the population were provided a required amount for protein, fat and carbohydrate consumption, as well as key nutritional supplements that included Vitamin E, Folic acid, B12, lactobacillus paracasei and fructo oligo-saccharides.  All participants were immunized against the influenza and pneuomococcus.  The immune-mediated lymphocytes (cytokines) and natural killer cells were measured before and after the vaccinations.  The half of the participants that received the immune boosting nutritional supplements showed raised natural killer cells and regulated cytokines, a healthy response. The other half non-supplemented subjects showed raised cytokines and not show raised natural killer cells, an immune-suppressed response.

The supplemented subjects reported low infections.  The non-supplemented subjects reported increased infections.  These findings suggest that with beneficial nutritional supplements in place, the immune system can react appropriately when subjected to infections.

As stated by the researchers “CONCLUSIONS: This nutritional supplement increased innate immunity and protection against infections in elderly people.”

Note: this study uses elderly as subjects, rather than children.  Yet both age groups show vulnerable immunity.

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