Our neurons and nerve endings are surrounded by fatty tissue.  This fatty insulating tissue, referred to as myelin sheath,  offers protection for the connection with nerves, strengthens cognitive function and optimizes brain health.  Regeneration naturally occurs in healthy brains.  However, in brains that are exposed to infections whether from systemic infections (from the gut, or viral) de-myelination can occur.  This results in fragmented neurons and nerve endings.  Think of fragmentation of neurons similar to an electrical wire that’s been severed; the connectivity doesn’t occur and the result is poor or failing electrical currents.

Numerous chronic health conditions are associated with demyelination: alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, autism, and epilepsy.   This author does an excellent job of discussing some of the sources of demylination such as inflammation and infections but also shares proven methodologies to improve myelination.

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