12065538_10207667054023921_3841940415646124207_nI do understand how important it is for our children to feel like the other kids.

Last year, my son, wanted his Halloween costume to┬ábe a vending machine with “real” (his words) packaged foods. He was so proud of his creation.

For us parents, it can be a stressful time with gluten, chemical and sugar laden cookies, sweets and candies heavily circulating.

Here’s how I handle Halloween:
1. Buy back their candy. My children are motivated by money. So I encourage them to collect it, just like the other kids, and then I give them money in exchange for their collected goods.
2. Encourage neighbors (or provide) non-candy like items such as tattoos, stickers, small toys, etc to hand out, especially when they see your child. One friend went above and beyond and offered puzzles, and small lego toys.
3. Using molds, make your own lollipops or a few candies. OR there are stevia lollipops you can purchase.
4. At school I provided the teachers with army men, stickers, balloons. Other children in my son’s class were offered these as an option over candy. And some children elected to!
5. Encourage them to be involved in the costuming and in the decisions about how to handle all the sugar that is circulating.

There are sweet candies available for purchase that are sweetened with natural pure ingredients (thank goodness!). No synthetic sugars, just straightforward ingredients. Some with organic pure sugars and some just made with the right amount of stevia to help it taste just like candy and keep it entirely sugar free!

Here’s a company that makes stevia sweetened chocolate bars (yum!)

This company www.NaturalCandyStore.com even offers a “special diets advanced search”. Here’s a great example:http://www.naturalcandystore.com/product/honey-mint-patties/
Just 3 ingredients make up this “peppermint patty” look and taste-alike.

As we head into the holiday season,
Much light,


Most importantly, try to enjoy yourself.

Much light,