A recent double-blind placebo study titled “Fish Oil Intake and Seizure Control in Children with Medically Resistant Epilepsy” demonstrated fish oil intake can reduce the number of seizures in children.

Using a population base of 70 children, half were given fish oil and the second half were given a placebo.  Both groups were monitored for 3 months. The intervention group received 1200mg of fish oil, 240 DHA and 360 EPA.  The results are astounding.

The percentage of children having zero attacks per month increased from 0% to 57.1% at the end of the third month in the intervention group, while it only reached 2.9% in the control group.

This is a fantastic study about the efficacy of fish oil.

In my practice I recommend a minimal dose of 450DHA, per neurologist Dr. Perlmutter.  In even lower doses, fish oil proved effective at reducing seizures.

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