Many parents, in their initial consultations with me, described other symtpoms that co-exist with seizures.  I’ve heard repeatedly that constipation is associated and may even increase seizures or autistic behaviors. Intuitively parents suspect that constipation may exacerbate the seizure disorder. The research literature suggests that they are correct. For these reasons addressing constipation is the first item that I address with my clients.

According to Epilepsy Research in the United Kingdom

“Some AEDs can cause constipation. Constipation can lead to a build-up of
toxins in the system and may lead to an increase in seizures. ”  They then recommend that “Eat a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and fibre and low in fat and salt. Drink a reasonable amount of water and take gentle exercise such as walking. If you want to buy an over-the-counter remedy for constipation, ask your community pharmacist if it’s safe to take it with your AEDs. “

In an article title “Chronic Constipation in children”, the researchers report that for the majority of children there are no known reasons or causes for constipation.  However, they did find physiological abnormalities occurred in 95% of their population base.

” One or several anorectal physiological abnormalities have been found by us and others in 95% of children with idiopathic constipation. These abnormalities include impaired rectal and sigmoid sensation and decreased rectal contractility during rectal distention. “

But in the functional world, there can be additional reasons for constipation.  One may be the body’s poor use of digestive enzymes, stomach acid, a gut infection, or consuming foods that increase constipation.

Lastly, in a research article titled “Differences in gut microbial composition correlate with regional brain volumes in irritable bowel syndrome”, gut dysbiosis is linked with changes in the brain.  This is a critical piece in our understanding of the gut-brain connection and the reasons for an exacerbation of seizures.

In short, constipation leads to a build up of toxins, a congested liver and potentially a toxic brain.  Immediate intervention is necessary. In addition to encouraging organic fruits, vegetables, eliminating foods that may be contributing to the constipation, promoting fiber, there are nutritional supports.  The needs for enemas may be warranted but I caution all parents with using Miralax.  There are concerns that the ingredients in Miralax are highly toxic, raised by a New York Times article.  Plus a laxative may address the immediate issue but is not a long term plan.  A long term plan may include a combination of supports that are identified by lab reports and assessments completed by the parents/adults affected and based on the experience of this practitioner.

Bringing you much light,